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Queens Honor Vintage Wicker Serving Tray

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The 119 signature style of gone decor is an eclectic mix of modern industrial pieces with wild, quirky accessories. The secret weapon to every 119 space, however, is that we layer in unique, eye-catching VINTAGE elements.

This season we’ve curated a collection of upcycled, sustainably-sourced VINTAGE home goods to elevate your space.

Meet Queens Honor, our vintage wicker serving tray.

Size: 11” round with 2” edge

Material: Wicker with glass top 

Use: Perfect for serving beverages, but even better as a catch-all for jewelry, crystals, and other beauties. Display this baby somewhere where it’s uniqueness can be appreciated.

** 119 stocks this culturally-specific item with love, respect and care. If any aspects of this item being sold in our shop is misaligned with your ethical point of view, please inform us and we will remove from the collection. with love, 119HQ