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KUEEEEEEEN Hella Vibey Incense Sticks

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Light it up and shift the energy with KUEEEEEEEN Hella Vibey Incense Sticks.

KUEEEEEEEN is a light, summery scent with a tropical vibe, middle notes of jasmine, and a hint of vanilla.  It's a feel-good incense that smells like the vacation we all deserve these days!

For best results: set your intentions, then burn product in a well-ventilated space. Think good thoughts and envision your best self while white smoke rises and fills your space with new energy.

To Use: Open KUEEEEEEEN Incense Sticks, then place into your included incense holder.  Carefully spark the tip of the stick with matches or a lighter, ensuring not to light the side made of pure wood. Let it burn and enjoy!  Store at room temperature out of extreme sunlight.

Kit includes:

  • 20 extra-long, hand dipped incense sticks
  • Bamboo incense holder